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DIY Chalkboard Paint in ANY color

Written By Amanda on Sunday, September 11, 2011 | 6:59 PM

In the process of organizing my pantry, I REALLY wanted some old fashion jars (just because I think they look pretty) and I've been wanting to do something with the chalkboard paint I made- here is my project combining the two!

  • 1 c Paint ANY color
  • 2 tbs Grout (non-sanded, powdered)
(Yay! for free mailed samples, I got 1 c paint in my color choice, a paint roller and pan- all Free in the mail. It pays to fill out those online forms for free samples!)

Tape off with painters tape whatever you're painting (space on the wall, the glass to a frame, table top, back of pantry door or cupboard..etc.) I painted 3 coats but the glass was not primed, so keep painting until it looks like a good thick layer.

After the paint is all dry, sand with very fine sand paper careful not to scratch off the paint (I used the fine side of a nail file since that was all I had) Wipe clean with a damp sponge and dry before you write on it.

All done! I wrote on them with chalk but I need to go buy the chalkboard markers because I think they write so much better! REMEMBER: You don't have to use black paint. You can use funky colors for kids room projects or even the same color as your wall or door to have kind of a "hidden" chalkboard for shopping list, chores...whatever. HAVE FUN! 


  1. That was me that said it was too cute!!

  2. Okay it keeps calling me unknown but this is Crystal LOL!

  3. what liquid do you mix for the chalkboard paint?

    1. No liquid, just any type of liquid paint, acrylic, house paint, any paint!

  4. This is such a cool idea!!!

  5. So, Amanda- does the grout make it adhere to the glass better? I've tried this project a couple of ways and I find it always comes off in the wash. I can just avoid using the dishwasher but am curious if you've ever had that issue, too.
    Thanks, Terry

  6. I love everything chalkboard!! Thanks for this great tip :)