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Matilda Jane Mesh Bag Use #1 -Circle Flower

Written By Amanda on Monday, July 21, 2014 | 3:02 PM

These circle flowers are great for hair pretties, brooches, pins, headbands, barefoot sandals, added to frames, wreaths, purses, key chains, scarves...the possibilities are endless! Not only can you make them from extra mesh bags, but you can also use fabric from your ruined MJ items with stains or tears that are beyond repair. I like to use the button from the mesh bag (if it came with one) or a spare button as the flower center, but you can just use the scrap mesh to finish off the center if you don't have a button to use. (See my other post, to see how to make the center using the scraps from the bag ---> HERE.)  Nothing goes to waste in my house- I also incorporate pieces of the tag like the fabric, ribbon, and twine to make each one a more unique piece.

To save myself some time so I can work on tutorials for other uses of the mesh bags, I am using pictures for making the same style flower out of a different material, from a different post of mine, but you use the exact same technique with the mesh bags. Instead of using a T-shirt, like in the photos below, you will start with a mesh bag cut open at the seams. (See picture above.)

You may need more or less circles per each flower depending on the size of lid you use. 

To make the mesh bag flowers like I have pictured above, I actually used six circles and no scrap piece. Follow these same instructions, but instead of folding and gluing five circles, use six.

(Excuse the glue strings. I was working extra fast so the glue wouldn't harden in between steps while taking pictures.)

Again, I think for the mesh bags it looks better with six of the petals instead of five. From here you can embellish with buttons, shabby flowers, ribbons, etc. Be creative and unpredictable just like your favorite brand MJC!

I will be blogging at least seven more easy (no sew) uses for the mesh bags over the next couple of weeks. Feel free to follow my blog by email (on the home page, right bar) to ensure seeing the other uses. If you are a fan of Pinterest,  you can also "Pin" this post and others to your boards with the "Pin It" button at the bottom of this page for future reference.


  1. Love, love, love! Can't wait for the next ones! I have bags coming out of my ears, lol.