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Recycled T-shirt Scarf Necklace DIY / EASY / NO SEW

Written By Amanda on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | 8:27 PM

Not just for hipsters- these necklace scarves are great to dress up a comfy outfit from going to yoga or shopping, to accessorizing an outfit for date night, church or work. And they look super adorable on the little ones too! My daughter absolutely loves hers and has them in many colors and styles.

I tried to explain as detailed and easily as possible and took lots of pictures. The whole project should take no more then an hour and is easy enough to do while watching TV if you don't mind working with a flat surface and glue gun in your lap. 

(I used a children's size medium shirt to make the perfect sized scarf for my almost four year old. Seamless shirts that aren't sewn up along the sides work best.)

That is the basics for many different styles. You can use the ropes and braid them, macrame, loop, wrap, add beads, charms, etc. I have made many using parts from broken jewelry added to them, but I'll do another post for those. To add the flowers keep on reading. These basic flowers are also great for brooches, pins, headbands, hair clips, barefoot sandals, added to frames, wreaths...the possibilities are endless!

You may need more or less circles per each flower depending on the size of lid you use. 

Since I added two flowers I traced 12 circles.

(Excuse the glue strings. I was working extra fast so the glue wouldn't harden in between steps while taking pictures.)

I hope I explained that enough and will be posting some more styles I have come up with using other things then flowers (like broken jewelry). There also are some great ideas on Pinterest that you can look at for inspiration. I got the red T-shirt I used, new, at a $1 store. I think these would also make great gifts when you are on a budget and want to gift something homemade.


  1. You did a great job explaining each step and your pix are perfect! I am rushing out right now to the dollar store to find a brightly colored t-shirt to make my own DIY scarf necklace. :-)

    1. Awesome! I want to see a picture when you are done :D

  2. If using tees with seams how do u hide the second seam not covered by the flower? Thx!